Maximum flexibility when sanding edges at the best price
The Hammer HS 950 is the perfect entry-level machine for demanding edge sanding. The connectible sanding belt oscillation makes perfect use of the entire sanding belt surface. Together with the height-adjustable cast iron sanding table, the HS 950 achieves maximum sanding belt life. Guaranteed flexibility: The sanding unit can be tilted continuously to 90° and the open design allows easy sannding of long workpieces.

  • Connectible sanding belt oscillation for optimal utilization of the entire sanding belt surface
  • Open design - ideal for sanding oversized workpieces
  • Sanding table tilts from 0°–90°
  • table height adjusted using the handwheel
  • Additional table for cylindrical sanding

... why you should choose a Hammer

  • Excellent value for money
  • Decision making reliability for many years to come
  • Innovative machine technology
  • Solid cast iron tables and units
  • High quality, unique detail solutions as part of the standard package
  • Top quality manufacturing with strict quality guidelines
  • Remarkably user friendly
  • Classic design
  • Quality and precision from Austria
  • Compact functionality
  • Minimal space requirement
  • Quickest changeover times

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Sanding unit with oscillation

With the oscillation to be switched on and off, an individual sanding pattern can be generated. Together with the height-adjustable sanding table clean sanding results are ensured and the service life of the sanding paper is increased enormously.

Continuously adjustable sanding unit & tilt

The sanding unit can be swivelled from 90 degree to table level to 0 degree to table level. There are preset end stops at the stop positions. The set angle can be read on the side swing scale and a grip facilitates the operation.

Increase of the sanding surface

For oversized workpieces, the sanding surface can be easily increased. The open design allows easy access to the machine.

Height adjustable working table

The solid cast iron working table can be conveniently adjusted manually by 150 mm in height. Thus, the sanding belt can be used over the entire height. Together with the oscillation, maximum service life of the sanding belt can be achieved. The table has a T-slot over the entire length of the table.

Additional table for radius sanding

On the left side of the machine there is a supplementary table for sanding radii (> 60 mm). The table can also be adjusted in height.


Standard features include a workpiece stop. In addition, the mitre fence (part no. 423-043) can also be mounted into the T-slot of the worktable.

Equipment & Specifications


The Hammer HS 950 is the perfect entry-level machine for demanding edge sanding.

The Hammer HS 950 is the perfect entry-level machine for demanding edge sanding.

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